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Towards an initial operationalisation of Disciplinary Literacies

The document 'Towards an initial operationalisation of Disciplinary Literacies', compiled by members of CLIL NetLE Working Group 1,  is now available.

This document provides an initial conceptualization of bi/multilingual disciplinary literacies. This conceptualization is an outcome of a collaborative effort by scholars from across European Cooperation in Science and Technology member countries. The conceptualization highlights the intertwined nature of subject matter with language in fostering disciplinary knowledge creation and communication, and in active participation in society. Disciplinary literacy is described as multi-dimensional, incorporating multi-/trans-semiotic, bi-/multi-/translingual, functional, critical, and technological aspects. The document also stresses the role of schooling in recontextualizing disciplinary knowledge and in preparing students academically and as informed societal participants. It also calls for collaboration between language and content teachers and emphasizes the need for further research to operationalize and integrate bi/multilingual disciplinary literacies into educational practice.

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