Working Group 5

WG5 co-ordinates engagement with and activities for all stakeholders, i.e., academic, educational, postsecondary, industry and the general public. A key task of WG5 is thus to collate work within the other WGs to identify evidence-based, good practice, which will form the basis of guidelines and training for bi/multilingual disciplinary literacies support for educational stakeholders. As such, prime responsibility for teacher training workshops and teacher-oriented materials also lies with this WG. The perspective of post-secondary stakeholders will be included through surveys of their practices and expectations regarding bi/multilingual disciplinary literacies. In the later phase of the Action, Industry stakeholders will be specifically addressed in activities for publishers of educational materials (national/international publishers with a view towards application of the principles developed for teaching in relevant materials.

WG Leader: Yasemin Bayyurt

WG Vice-Leader: Elena Kováčiková

News from the Working Group 

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