Working Group 5

WG5 co-ordinates engagement with and activities for all stakeholders, i.e., academic, educational, postsecondary, industry and the general public. A key task of WG5 is thus to collate work within the other WGs to identify evidence-based, good practice, which will form the basis of guidelines and training for bi/multilingual disciplinary literacies support for educational stakeholders. As such, prime responsibility for teacher training workshops and teacher-oriented materials also lies with this WG. The perspective of post-secondary stakeholders will be included through surveys of their practices and expectations regarding bi/multilingual disciplinary literacies. In the later phase of the Action, Industry stakeholders will be specifically addressed in activities for publishers of educational materials (national/international publishers with a view towards application of the principles developed for teaching in relevant materials.

WG Leader: Yasemin Bayyurt

WG Vice-Leader: Elena Kováčiková works as an associate professor at the Department of English Language and Culture at the Faculty of Education, Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. She prepares future English teachers mainly in the methodology of ELT. Her scientific focus covers CLIL (Music through English), English language teaching to different age groups and learners with special educational needs, pre-service teacher education and mindfulness in education. She has been involved in national and international educational and research projects. She is a co-author of an English textbook for children and actively teaches CLIL at primary and lower-secondary level of education in Slovakia.

News from the Working Group 

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