Working Group 1


WG1 is committed to addressing the existing fragmentation in bi/multilingual disciplinary literacies research and capturing the current state of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) provision in COST-member countries. Our primary goal is to develop a comprehensive conceptualization of bi/multilingual disciplinary literacies. This will happen in two phases, the first one involving an initial conceptualization of bi/multilingual disciplinary literacies to support the work in all CLILNetLE WGs, the second a refined and expanded position paper version of this conceptualization, based on the work carried out in CLILNetLE. WG1 is also tasked with providing an overview of CLIL provision in the COST member countries. This involves the development and implementation of a questionnaire as well as the analysis and reporting of its findings. As an overall outcome of these tasks, WG1 aspires to create an evidence-based conceptualization to advance the understanding of bi/multilingual disciplinary literacies within CLIL.

WG Leader: Tarja Nikula

WG Vice-Leader: Talip Gülle is a Research Assistant in the Department of Foreign Language Education at Bartın University. Previously, he worked as an Educational Consultant at İstinye University, and as a Research Assistant at Boğaziçi University under a program by the Turkish Council of Higher Education. He earned his Ph.D. in English Language Education from Boğaziçi University, with his research on language use and translingual assessment in English-medium higher education. His research interests include second language testing, content and language integrated learning, English-medium instruction, and social justice in language education.

News from the Working Group 

Towards an initial operationalisation of Disciplinary Literacies
Overview of CLIL provision in Europe and country-specific insights